Sports24seven doesn’t just sell equipment. We gear up your game.

A company started by a sports enthusiast and player. It’s our aim to ensure that the correct gear is used by the individual.

Founded by Craig Sander in 2011, inspired by a dream of a sports equipment specialist that can improve lifestyles.

Once upon a time there was a man who loved playing sports. Many sports. Soccer, rugby, baseball, athletics, cricket, (field) hockey, squash, swimming, water polo and tennis. After being frustrated by the poor service and lack of knowledge from large retail stores he had more questions than answers as to what was the correct equipment for him and why.

So the journey began for this man. A journey to discover that sports players depend on their apparatus. With the correct tools this can improve your game, success, confidence, pleasure and health. He researched and planned to provide a service that sells the correct equipment to players. The first store, tennis, was launched and shortly after squash followed creating a family of online sports stores under the name of Sports24seven.

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