Grays GR11000 Jumbow Maxi 36.5”

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The Grays GR11000 Hockey Stick has a high power rating whilst maintaining a soft feel. The Graphene offers unique combination of powerful energy transfer & shock absorbing properties. The Probow blade profile is ideal for drag flicking & 3D skills plus the Octagonal handle construction improves grip and skills.

Other features include:

  • Advanced formulation of impact-resistant materials helps improve the longevity of the backhand edge
  • Lightweight high-performance foam wrapped moulded handle to dampen shockwaves
  • Dynabow profile paired with micro head shape creates ideal combination for dynamic stick handling
  • Pro Dampening handle – A lightweight high-performance foam is moulded around the handle to efficiently dissipate shockwaves.
  • Improved feel area – A special combination of shock-absorbing aramid and fibreglass softens the first touch of the ball, while a textured surface helps grip the ball
  • Pro Edge Protection: An advanced formulation of impact-resistant materials and resin formulation, to help improve the longevity of the backhand edge.

Bow: 24.75mm @ 200mm
Balance Point: 38-39
Headshape: Micro
Blade Profile: Jumbow Maxi
Composition: Graphene, Carbon, Aramid
Power Rating: High
Feel Rating: High
Colour: Black/Yellow

Grays Stick Length Chart


Stick Bow Type

Low Bow


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