TK Total Two SCX 2.1 Accelerate 37.5″ Demo

R2,144.00 R1,392.60


Demo Condition: Very good, minimal usage and scratches

The  TK Total Two SCX 2.1 Accelerate  comes from the Total Two stick collection of TK. The modern TK hockey sticks contain the best materials and are produced with the latest techniques to deliver maximum performance.

Material & Carbon percentage
The SCX 2.1 is a stiff field stick that consists of 100% carbon. The carbon makes the stick stiffer and provides extra power and ball speed. In addition, the carbon makes the stick extra powerful and ensures a higher durability.

Curvature & Curl
The curvature of 25 mm ensures that a player with a lot of technique can easily give a lot of speed to the (drag) push. In addition, the “accelerate-bow” makes this stick extremely suitable for giving high balls. This is due to the very low curvature at the bottom of the stick which makes it very easy to scoop.

The stick has a maxi curl. This hook is slightly longer than the midi curl and makes the ball catch easier thanks to the larger contact surface.

Stick weight


Stick Bow Type

Extra-Low Bow


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